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In the beginning Sally Evans and Peter Williams purchased A’seduction as a weanling from Jaybee farm for the purpose of producing a marketable competition horse. Luckily for us A’seduction has showed so much talent that the decision to offer syndicate shares was made to enable the couple to retain him.

Our purchase in a share of A’seduction in 2002 was very spontaneous and at the time we had not envisaged what would unfold. We have enjoyed watching A’seduction climb the levels of dressage and his first crop of foals are outstanding which is extremely exciting.

Yondella Warmbloods has emerged from the initial thought of breeding one foal, to the purchase of five lovely mares. We have chosen a variety of mares including Oldenburg, Cleveland bay, Holsteiner and Thoroughbred lines, with the aim to produce quality versatile foals. As we are yet to see the scope of the stallion, the melting pot of mares (each picked for their temperament, parentage and presence) seemed appropriate. Their foals will be offered for sale as weanlings and we welcome all enquiries.

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